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The video blackjack strategy book

Video blackjack combines the best of two worlds. The game remains simple and thrilling, but the variety of options and rewards increases largely as blackjack players switch to the online version. To keep up with the best, we offer players unique tools on video blackjack strategy, probability analysis, and Internet casino reviews. If you're a beginner, be sure to check out the tutorial to know the rules and basics to get started first.

After you're done with the basic instructions, research the resources for expert tips on the best casinos online to play, hints on the nicest offers and the most effective video blackjack strategy advice to double your odds and winnings.

We want you to put our suggestions of recommended casino sites, video blackjack strategy tips and related contents to the test, so let us know if you think you can add something to our resources or if you have something relevant to share with other players on video blackjack games.

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Date :  Tuesday, September 21 , 2010

Blackjack Basics: The Kelly Criterion

Blackjack players need to know how to strike when the iron is hot. There are ways of betting that allow players to develop a habit of doing just that.
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Date :  Tuesday, September 21 , 2010

Blackjack Switch: A Game that Works Wonders

Blackjack is a simple card game. Today some innovations have been made and this called the blackjack switch.The sitch can be made y having two hand which are allowed to a player.
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Date :  Tuesday, September 21 , 2010

Exercising Your Options in Blackjack

Most assume that Blackjack is all about getting your hand to reach 21. However, by taking the time to understanding all the options, your odds of winning in Blackjack will increase significantly.
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Date :  Tuesday, September 21 , 2010

The Newbie's Guide to Playing Online Blackjack

The convenience of playing online Blackjack is spurring its growth. As easy to play and more comfortable than being in a casino, online Blackjack is a game anyone can excel at.
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