Last Updated : June 16, 2020, 3:57 am

Blackjack: How it all began

How the game of blackjack began is somewhat vague. It is generally believed that blackjack originated somewhere in France in the early 1700s. Many believe the game was played first in the royal court of King Louis the IV. During those days the card game was known as vingt-en-une or Twenty One where the goal is to have a hand close to or equal to the value of 21. The player whose hand has an Ace of Spades and a Jack of Spades win something extra. The game evolved from the game known as vingt-et-une to Blackjack since the Jack and Ace of Spades proved to be the most vital cards.

The game Blackjack found its way in the United States; by the 1800s it was one of the most popular card games. Blackjack's growing popularity was briefly threatened in 1910 when gambling was outlawed in Nevada. By 1930, gambling became legal once again in the country's gambling capital.

Blackjack became very popular mainly because it is an easy game to learn. A player whose card value amounts to twenty one without going over wins the game. A tie or push results when the player and the dealer get equal card values.

The flow of the game is simple: a player or a number of players place their bets; the dealer takes on the bets and deals two cards each to the players and himself. The players have the option of to ask for a hit or to stand. A hit is asking for more cards; to stand means to stay with his current hand. The player may wish to hit as many cards as he wants until the total value of his hand reaches 21. If his hand goes beyond 21, he busts. A bust on the part of the player means the house or dealer wins.

Today Blackjack tables draw more crowds than before. The basics of the game remain the same with a few minor tweaks. With the current rules, the Jack no longer has a monopoly of the title vital card; the Kings and Queens are now of equal importance. An Ace and any face card (Jack, Queen and King) are given great payouts. Yet even with the inclusion of the Queen and King, the name Blackjack somehow stuck.

The game has invaded the internet and is giving Poker a run for its money as the most popular casino game online.