Last Updated : June 16, 2020, 3:57 am

Glimpse on Highly Recommended Blackjack Books

One of the interactive and interesting gambling table games in casinos, blackjack captivates the attention of gamblers all over the world because it gives them the chance to win money while having fun and enjoying in gaming establishments. Blackjack associations hold blackjack tournaments to discover new players that have great potentials to succeed and become next blackjack superstars. Above all, blackjack tournaments help players improve their skills in this enthralling game.

Walter Thomason's "Twenty First Century Blackjack," Barry Meadow's "Blackjack Autumn" and Arnold Snyder's "Blackjack Wisdom" are three of the ten highly recommended books for blackjack players. These books receive high ratings from many blackjack and gambling experts. All of them contain information that will surely help players win in blackjack money games.

Walter Thomason's "Twenty First Century Blackjack"

This book is useful because the strategies that it mentions are modern and up-to-date. Unlike other blackjack books, "Twenty First Century Blackjack," does not focuses on card counting as the best blackjack technique. Hence, it suggests another useful betting technique that will raise the chances of blackjack players. The technique that the author suggests is known as the four step positive progression. The author explains the betting strategy in an easy to learn approach so even novices can use the tactic in their games.

Barry Meadow's "Blackjack Autumn"

This book is very interesting and entertaining. It features the life story of the author who is a well known personality in the gambling world. Meadow is a successful blackjack player, so his experiences will motivate and inspire new blackjack players to continue improving their skills in the game. The latter sections of the book discuss strategies that the author thinks are useful in blackjack money games.

Arnold Snyder's "Blackjack Wisdom"

Shuffle analysis, team play, camouflage and card counting are some of the topics that the author covers in this book. The author tries to reveal secrets of the game so players can be more confident when they engage in blackjack contests. Snyder assesses the positive and negative sides of card counting technique in blackjack, so players can make their own decisions regarding the appropriate time to use card counting strategy in the game.

Since these books are some of the top instructional blackjack books, players who will read and use them as guide will not have problems reading them because all of them are well written. Above all, every information that the authors include in these books will definitely help blackjack players win in contests and money games.