Last Updated : June 16, 2020, 3:57 am

Blackjack Basic Strategy Explained

It is common knowledge among gamblers that blackjack is considered as the oldest card game in gambling and it is also a very profitable gambling game. Although there are players who will disagree about blackjack being profitable, but we can say that these are the kind of players who don't win a thing in blackjack. And it is not about having bad luck during the blackjack game but it is about their lack and insufficient use of basic strategy.

Playing blackjack without using the basic strategy is not a smart move for a player to do especially if you want to succeed in blackjack. It is now high time that you learn some basic strategy that you will going to need the next time you play blackjack to help you beat the dealer and win some money.

The first thing that you must do is to choose the blackjack table that has favorable playing rules. Play only on blackjack tables that will allow you to double down on any two initial cards you have. The dealer must also have limited moves to make such as standing on soft 17 instead of hitting. These are little playing rules that could affect your potential winnings significantly.

Pay much attention to the doubling down option of the blackjack table you are playing at. Doubling down will give you a better chance to increase your winnings in blackjack for twice as much by only getting one more extra card when you are really confident that your hand is a strong one against the dealer's hand.

Remember that you should not split the pairs of Ten's but do the opposite for pairs of Eight's and Aces, no matter what is the face up card of the dealer. It is advisable that you never take the insurance bet except maybe in instances that you are doing card counting. But this is still not a 100% guaranteed win when it comes to insurance bets in blackjack.

In general, stand your hard hand 13 to 16 against the dealer's up card of Six and lower or else hit if the dealer has an up card of Seven and higher. For the dealer's up card of Ten, keep on hitting until you have a total of 17. For the dealer's up card of Four, Five, or Six, stand your hand of 11 or higher because there is that 50% chance that the dealer will bust in this situation of the blackjack game.

For pairs, splitting pairs is a good option to do because it will double your winnings by playing two separate hands in blackjack. But do remember that you must never split the pairs of Five's and Ten's in blackjack.

This is the basic strategy for blackjack that will surely come in handy for you in times that you want blackjack to be not just a favorite past time but also a pleasurable thing to do. Follow this basic strategy and beating the house will never be impossible for you again.